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Item No. PC-B160
Popcake paper cup white 160ccm, approx. 6-10 Minis, diameter 81mm, hight 45mm, SKU = 1.500 pcs.

Item No. PC-B200
Popcake paper cup white 200ccm , approx. 8-12 Minis, diameter 81mm, hight 58mm, SKU = 1.400 pcs.

Item No. PC-B260
Popcake paper cup white 260ccm , approx. 10-16 Minis, diameter 92mm, hight 55mm, SKU = 1.200 pcs.

Item No. PC-T190W
Popcake paper bag white without logo, 190x190mm, SKU = 1.000 pcs.

Item No. PC-T190
Popcake paper bag white with logo, 190x190mm, SKU = 1.000 pcs.

Item No. PC-FORC
Wooden fork nature, SKU = 1.000 pcs.

Popcake tentcards, posters with serveral designs as well as machine displays for self-service mode or merchandiser displays on request.