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Dryer devices for dishers and ice-cream scoops

Many of the usual scoop rinsers used leave much to desire with respect to the hygiene requirements – especially in summer, impureness finds rich feading grounds here. Dirty rinsing water passes from the scoop to the ice cream. On the other hand pure through-flow systems have high water consumption and so involve high costs.

After rinsing the scoop with our spray rinsing unit i.ScoopShower, our dryer for scoops i.ScoopAir helps to remove remaining drops of water. This ensures that less water gets into the ice cream. This prevents the formation of ice crystals which change the taste. The unhygienic sponge is no longer required.

i.ScoopShower and i.ScoopAir – our spray rinsing devices and dryer devices for dishers and ice-cream scoops are the perfect solution:

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