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Spray rinsing devices for mixer and blender jugs

Our revised i.MixShower is designed to perfectly clean or pre-rinse all common containers e.g. mixer and blender jugs, shakers, jars, drinking glasses, latte-macchiato-glasses, etc. with a minimum consumption of water.

These new devices were especially designed for an effi cient rinsing of blender jugs and jars. The container is always quickly rinsed with fresh water inside - dirty washing water runs away immediately. The device can be operated with activation bail (esp. for blender jugs without blades being touched by the device) or without activation bail (e.g. pre-rinsing of latte macchiato glasses) as well as with cold or warm water. Furthermore i.MixShower offers durable quality, ease of maintanance, easy installation and connection to the water mains or water taps, and different
versions/models for various for fl exible applications and requirements (e.g. i.MixShower fi ts in or at all common work counters by fix installation or plug&play).