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i.ScoopShower Silver WATERSTOP

Unlimited Silver WATERSTOP

926 003

Spray rinsing unit for dishers with integrated water-jet adjustment at upper shower head, automatic waterstop and water-backflow-preventer incl. straining disc with container incl. tap-off section, water overflow pipe, scoop drain insert and holder for wall attachment.

Add-on version
Water connection 1/2“

Dimensions LxWxH (approx. mm)
Holder 270 x 112 x 180

925 003

Spray rinsing device 926 003 without straining disc and scoop drain insert.

Holder for wall attachment 910 966
Extended holder for wall attachment with height approx. 480 mm for use in combination with 926 002 / 925 002.

Product versions

Single components and spare parts