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i.ScoopShower Silver WATERSTOP

Unlimited Silver WATERSTOP Round

926 029

Spray rinsing unit for dishers with integrated water-jet adjustment at upper shower head, automatic waterstop and water-backflow-preventer incl. straining disc with round/small container incl. strainer insert for drain connection, angle holder for wall attachment and cover plate.

Add-on version
Water connection 1/2“ + 1"

Dimensions LxWxH (approx. mm)
Angle holder 156 x 161 x 57
Cover plate 122 x 143 x 150

925 029

Spray rinsing device 926 029 without straining disc.

Despite the very small interior diameter of only approx. 120 mm of the new round container the mounting position of the spray unit remains absolutely flexible. The spray heads can still be turned 360° and disassembled - e.g. still enabling easy access and a comfortable deaning of the container or the spray rinsing unit itself (in case of i.ScoopShower Silver WATERSTOP even without having to shut-off the water inlet separately).

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