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i.SpatulaShower Silver

Unlimited Silver

930 008

Spray rinsing device for ice-cream scoops and spatulas with rinsing container, splash cover and angle holder for wall
attachment with holes for additional water-taps incl. strainer insert for drain connection

Add-on version
Water connection 3/4“ + 1“

Dimensions LxWxH (approx. mm)
Angle holder 403 x 152 x 66 mm

i.SpatulaShower should be operated at water pressures between 1,5 and 2,5 bar. Don’t forget installation-kit 930 976 consisting of pressure reducer/manometer, ball-tap, hose for the water inlet side as well as dirt trap with strainer, threaded fi tting and hose fitting for the water drain side!

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