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Function and customer benefits

  • Available in silver, red or black.
  • The Sycloid® toaster made of robust and durable stainless steel elements has a capacity to produce more than 500 slices per hour.
  • All Sycloid® toasters deliver excellent toasting results for bread and buns up to 30 mm thickness. As most bread used in buffets is expected to be less than 20 mm thickness, the Sycloid is optimized to deliver its best result for bread of this thickness, but can accommodate slices up to 30 mm.
  • Patron and staff safety is paramount and the Sycloid® toaster has been designed with “cool to touch” safe external touch temperatures and a lid locking latch.
  • Featuring robust stainless steel elements, the Sycloid® toaster also features a modern brushed stainless steel exterior, perfect for disguising finger prints on a machine expected to be heavily used.
  • Intelligent energy efficient design - an automatic power-save mode conserves energy during quiet periods by scaling back energy consumption when in toast mode. The intelligent autosense feature detects when a new slice is placed in the machine and automatically prepares the machine to toast the bread. The heat setting in this mode is balanced and optimized to ensure quick recovery.
  • A user-friendly and reliable speed controller allows adjustment of the toasting time to account for different types of bread or buns to be toasted. The knob setting lock feature allows staff to set the toasting speed, removing the risk of patrons altering the setting. The new bun toast feature allows for toasting bun halves up to 30 mm thick. The Sycloid balances heat to perfectly toast on the cut side – whilst warming the crown.
  • The radiant heat from the heating elements is also used to keep the slices warm in the toast chute and dispense area.
  • Diners can easily see when their toast is ready from across the buffet with the stylishly sculpted toast return chute with LED lighting that provides easy and illuminated viewing of the toast holding bay.
  • A slide-out crumb tray for every-day cleaning and a hinged top cover allowing easy access to clean the inside.