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Function and customer benefits

  • Powerful two-speed motor, 18,000 RPM on low and 22,000 RPM on high speed.
  • Patented magnetic actuator, fully sealed for optimum hygiene.
  • High performance stainless steel beater for use with ice cream and milk.
  • The Saturn beater for extra fluffy shakes is included.
  • Separate internally sealed two-speed on/off rocker switch.
  • Available in red, white, black, seaspray & metallic.
  • Sturdy weighted base, easy to clean.
  • High performance stainless steel mixing spindle.
  • Takes standard 710 ml (24 fl.oz.) cups without tilting to remove.
  • Includes stainless steel cup.
  • Removable easy to clean cup holder.
  • ‘Hands free’ operation when the mixing cup is resting on the cup support.

Universal Beater

(lower disc only for creamy milkshakes)

Universal Beater

(using both discs for thickshakes, ice cream & soft serve)

Saturn Beater

(for extra fluffy shakes)


On-/Off switch

(internally sealed, separate two-speed)