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Function and customer benefits

Up to 55 kg/h at only 14-21,5 kW

Essential operating elements are protected against accidental changes of the basic settings

  • The benefits of electric fryers are significant - from contributing to a cleaner work place, to providing financial savings. Maintaining a cooler, more pleasant work environment is possible as electric fryers generally add less heat to your kitchen than gas fryers. Additionally, as there is no gas flame, Roband fryers deliver a cleaner, healthier working environment by not burning the available oxygen, or emitting burnt and unburned gases into your kitchen.
  • Electric emersion elements tend to greatly outlast gas burners and their replacement costs are considerably less. Additionally, tank deterioration that is so prevalent in gas fryers is negligible in electric fryers.
  • In electric fryers, the majority of the energy from electricity is supplied directly into the elements, which are immersed in the oil, providing a very energy efficient solution and quick recovery time when loading food into the fryer. In the case of gas fryers, much of the energy is ultimately lost in the flue.
  • Designed to achieve a balance of high output and fast recovery, Roband electric fryers consistently deliver fried food of the highest quality, while maximizing the life of your oil.
  • Roband fryers feature elements that swing out and up in seconds, providing access to a smooth, open, square tank for easy cleaning. There are no gas pipes to clean around and under, nor awkward crevices to access to thoroughly clean as can be the case with gas fryers.
  • High speed and output of 32 - 55 kg/h with a low power consumption of only 14 - 21.5 kW.
  • The essential operating elements such as on/off switches, thermostats and melt switches are located behind a removable door and are thus protected against accidental changes to the basic settings.
  • Each tank has a cook/idle switch that allows you to quickly switch between two temperature settings. Each cook/idle switch is linked to two thermostats housed behind the bottom door – one thermostat can be programmed with a cook temperature and the other with an idle temperature setting, reducing operating costs. The dual thermostats provide peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a thermostat failure, where the secondary thermostat can be set to cook temperature to allow you to continue operating.
  • All units are fitted as standard with manual reset over-temperature safety cut-outs.
  • All Roband fryers provide a cool zone that collects crumbs. The cool zone prevents the burning of crumbs so that the oil is not tainted by a burnt fl avour. It also prolongs the life of the oil.